What is Thanksgiving Day 2016

The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day 2016. Some people are still dubious about “what is Thanksgiving Day”. Thanksgiving is national holiday in North America which is celebrated with religious and traditional meal activities. This is the day, people in North America thanks to god for everything they have and celebrate it. Thanksgiving Day honors holy festival by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1621 as this occurred on the last Thursday on November in America.

The First Thanksgiving

There are many thanksgiving facts are associated with the festival. Most of the families follows the traditional way of celebration and have feast with the family and loved ones. But, there are many other things that people follow on Thanksgiving Day rather than just feast. Normally people follow what they do on First Thanksgiving. Here are some other interests which North American shows on the celebration day. The major Thanksgiving facts are-.


Travel – Almost every person in America wants to be with their family on this auspicious day. So, they travel a lot to reach their families and that’s why it is one of the busiest days to travel in the year.


Feast – Most of families prefer traditional food and include all the members to prepare it. Food comprises turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes and like this. In dessert pie is preferred in different flavors. Some of the people prefer to eat vegetarian food so, squash, salads and other food that is made of vegetables is preferred.


The Turkey Pardon – The USA president, traditionally pardons the national Thanksgiving Turkey and Alternate Turkey and allows them to spend rest of their life on the farm.

Television – TV also plays a vital role on the thanksgiving as many families also like to watch their city celebration at one glance. They see parades, band music, giant balloons, and celebrating people and so on.